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"An innovative approach to fitness that allows the value of consistency to work its magic."
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What can you expect from our program?

  • A personal & comprehensive guide to human performance

  • Building a deeper understanding of physical health

  • Learning the concepts necessary for:

    • Extending Longevity​

    • Increasing Performance

    • Preventing Injury

    • Mitigating daily aches and pains

  • Weekly Accountability ​

  • 30 minute virtual sessions

  • A clear, concise, and simple strategy that prepares you for the remainder of your life

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The Mission

We aim to learn from, educate, and inspire all those around us in the pursuit of greater health, performance, and longevity.


How limitless can you become?

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In this session we will:

  • Discuss your current physical state, goals, and outline a plan that suits your lifestyle

  • Go through a short functional assessment to discover a baseline that will set the strategy 

  • Discuss areas of strength, weakness, imbalance, and lay out a strategy for targeting those areas

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"This is the program I have been in search of for the last 10 years! I've always wanted a program that was specific to what I needed and simple to do everyday." 

- Rusty, 38, Climbing & Snowboarding

"Elevated really helped me understand the science behind my body. My performance on the field has increased significantly and my body recovers so much quicker.

- Spencer, 27, Lacrosse & Backpacking

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"The biggest difference between Elevated and other gyms and trainers I've had is that they are able to relay the science in a way I can understand. Ultimately, it has helped me create a habit of movement and build confidence that I am in control of my body. 


- David, 28, distance athlete

"Before I started the Elevated program, I began to see a decline in my ability to enjoy my favorite activities in life. They gave me the ability to do what I love to do again, and it was so simple! 

- Janet, 73, swimming, hiking

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" At first, I thought Elevated was purely for athletes, but I'm glad I reached out anyways. I'm a mom of 3 and love to workout, usually doing my own thing. I was feeling like my body was starting to catch up to me and so I decided to make a change. Elevated opened my eyes to how easy it can be to stay healthy and prepared for the workouts that I love doing. More importantly, they have given me the inspiration to challenge my fears and accomplish what I never thought possible. 

-Nicole, 48, active mom

"Since starting the Elevated program a year ago, my partner and I have seen a dramatic improvement in how we feel before, during, and after climbing. We are avid mountaineers who used to struggle with soreness and muscle strains for days after a long adventure. Since we only climb on the weekends, we needed a simple way to prepare throughout the week to be ready for whatever mountain was next. The approach Elevated takes, with their initial assessment, personalized daily plans, and a creative teaching strategy has really made it easy to understand. We are extremely grateful to have reached this level of confidence with our bodies. The mountains we have climbed have proven worth the investment."

- Abby, 25, Alpinist

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