Are you looking for a creative way to build your fitness level with nature as your reward? Our journey will lead you to the top with a ton of stops along the way. These stops can include everything from unconventional exercises to meditative rests. Interval training will be implemented along the path, alternating between walking, jogging, and sprinting. We provide the food, drink, and backpack, as long as you promise to carry some of the goods. Various levels are offered, so be sure to scroll down and select the hike that suits you best. We believe that fitness and nature were meant to go together and we can’t wait to share this journey with you!

advanced HIKE

  This terrain will be steep and these hikes tend to be 4-6 hour round trips. The terrain covered and exercises performed while on this trip will be advanced so a high fitness level is required. Our experienced hike is meant to push and test your limits. These hikes run on select weekends throughout the summer from 7am-1pm. Space is limited.

- Pets allowed on select trails only

      -Must be able to handle steep terrain and scrambling. You and the dog.

-Snack and Drink Provided

5,000 Ft Elevation Gains

Mountainous Terrain

Climbers Training

Elevated  Strength

Natures Conditioning

A wise man once said       " You get out what you put in"

View the Cascade's like you never have before!

Picturesque view of Mt. Rainier from the top of Mt. Si


Moderate HIKE

-Pet Friendly

-Snack and Drink Provided

Interested in our twist on fitness, but not quite the intensity? This is the hike for you. Full of majestic forest, moderate terrain, and creative exercises. We will break a sweat at a pace we are all comfortable with. Our interval training will be alternating between walking, jogging, and sprinting, while our stops will include exercises such as elevated push-ups, tree core holds, and climbing lunges. These hikes run on select Sundays from 8am-12pm. Space is limited!

Panoramic view of the eastside from poo-poo point


-Pet Friendly

-Snack and Drink Provided

Lake Trail

Family Friendly

Strong in Nature

Start the Day Right!

Fitness Fun

Get Active

Our lake trail hiking adventures are very family friendly and great for beginners. The terrain contains minimal inclines and the exercises we perform are quite simple such as push-ups and planks. The great thing about these trails is you get to experience a picturesque lake view throughout the entire adventure! These hikes run on select Sundays from 9am-11am.


If you are interested in learning how you can prevent injury and maximize performance in the activities you love, contact us to schedule your free strategy session!