The Philosophy

For over a decade, I have pursued one overarching question: "What is the most effective and efficient approach to enhance our performance pertaining to the activities we love to do?" This has led to the discovery that the best path is the simplest one. First, set a solid foundation by maintaining a habit of daily deliberate movement. This will promote critical thinking, greater awareness, and a well-balanced body. Second, begin progressing towards the goals you have set. In order to reach a confident level of self-sustainability, we must first be confident in our roots. The concepts and mechanics that govern the human body may be complex, but with a fun and easy to understand strategy, we teach how to minimize injuries and maximize performance, obviating the need of a massive time commitment. By taking the simple approach, not using any tools, we are able to discover creative ways to use our body to meet our strength, power, stability, mobility, and endurance demands. Once a clear understanding has been built, progressing it with the use of resistance tools becomes much more fun and effective. 


Since high school, I have been passionate about discovering methods to maximize sport performance. This passion led me to obtaining a bachelor's degree in Sport & Exercise Science at the University of Central Florida. During my studies, my passion for understanding injury prevention and performance development continued to grow, especially in the context of helping others achieve their goals. I minored in entreprenuership while the vision for Elevated developed. After college, I found a mentor, Derek Decater, who shared similar ideologies and visions.  While working with him, Matt McKinley, and Andrew Infinger, I furthered my education of kinesiology and continued my development of business management skills. Inspired by what I had learned, I decided to act on my own novel visions and launched Elevated Sports Performance. I obtained a C.S.C.S, certifying me as a strength and conditioning specialist. For three years, I have worked with athletes of varying sports at Skyline High School, specializing in developing strength and conditioning programs specific to their respective sports. After researching and inquiring with those living active lifestyles, I have re-aligned my visions for Elevated with a greater focus on teaching people of all ages and backgrounds how to take control of their physical preparation. I have been working with clients of all ages for the past year and am excited to have finally landed on the strategy I've always been searching for. I live to inspire and guide you to build sustainable daily habits geared towards staying strong and mobile, increasing performance, and allowing you to continue to perform the activities that you love.

Sporting History

I grew up in Orlando, FL where I primarily played baseball through my youth, but also played a few years of volleyball. A year before high school, I transitioned into football. Enticed by the physical nature and strategy of the game, it became my main focus. Two years into football, I developed my passion for performance development after realizing its critical role in progression. My senior year I moved to Seattle and played a key role in Skyline High Schools 2009 state championship victory as a running back. Maurice Clarke, a Jamaican Olympic sprinter, played a pivotal role as my speed coach prior to that season. His guidance taught me how power and mobility must coexist to enhance performance. In college, I played football for 2 years at Santa Rosa Junior College. I later discovered the sport of rugby and played my junior and senior year at the University of Central Florida. During my time with UCF Rugby, we participated in two national championships. After graduating from UCF, I continued playing rugby for two years with the Seattle Saracens. Rugby, a high impact collision sport without any pads, highlighted my need for a deeper understanding and practice of mobility, strength, and size for means of protection against injury. Shortly after moving to Seattle, I became enamored with the Cascade Range and began mountain climbing, which eventually led to giving up rugby so I could devote all my free time to the vertical realm. My notable climbing accomplishments over the last several years include Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, Eldorado Peak, Sahale Peak, The Tooth, Mt. Stuart, Dragontail Peak, Thompson Peak, Dip Top Peak, Lower Cathedral Rock in Yosemite NP, and "The Snake" in Squamish, BC. Most of those have come alongside my girlfriend Abby, who is my most common climbing and snowboarding partner. Despite all the time spent on rock and snow, the activity that demands most of my time is roller blading, which I choose for my commute around the city more often than not.

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