Virtual Workshops
Whether you are seeking a simple approach to improve your health or the movements and knowledge to increase performance and prevent injury in any sport, we have a workshop for you. We offer three levels of movement, requiring everyone, regardless of current fitness level, to always begin your warm up with level one movements. If you choose to level up, you'll learn more technically advanced and physically challenging movements, driving increased progression. However, if leveling up is of no interest to you, that is completely understandable. We are here to help guide you in the direction you would like to go in your fitness journey, whether you choose to learn privately, semi-privately (alongside family or friends), or in a public group setting. If private or semi-private coaching is what you would like, reach out and we'll set up a FREE strategy session. If you would like to jump into a public workshop, continue reading to find more info below about our levels of movement and current workshops.

Level 1 Movement

Foundational movement that should be completed before progressing into more intense movements, every time. Beginning with these movements provides insurance against injury.

Level 2 Movement

These movements are of greater intensity. They take a bit more practice to understand and master, but more importantly, they require prerequisite movements to ensure safety and maximum performance.

Level 3 Movement

At this level, you can expect the movements to be challenging, high impact, and require comprehensive preparation to ensure safety. 

General Health Workshop

Learning objectives:

  • Building a daily habit

  • Reducing pain & injury

  • Muscle Activation

  • Recovery techniques

  • Increasing productivity

  • Improving mood


Sport-specific Workshop

Learning objectives:

The General Health Course +

  • Preparing for specific activities

  • Reducing sport specific injuries

  • Increasing mobility, stability, strength, power, & endurance

All workshops are scheduled in pacific time (PT)

Interested in a private 1-on-1 or semi-private workshop with family/friends?

Heading 6

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Mountain Biking by the Lake
Road Biker

Does your fun usually come while on two wheels? Discover a routine that will keep you racking up the miles. Exercises will vary between road and mountain biking. Learn how to prepare for the differing demands.

Do you prefer to explore the world vertically? Learn a routine that will help you climb harder and longer.

Running Athletic Women
Winter Apparel

Does your exercise and clarity usually come in the form of a long run? Learn the exercises to benefit both your road and trail runs. Exercises will vary considering the different demands of each.

Is your idea of fun a long walk in the woods with 40 lbs on your back? Build the tools to make it as enjoyable an experience as it can be.

Golfing Couple

Is it the crossovers and J's that inspire your activity? Learn the movements that will help protect the ankles, knees, and shoulders, while improving speed, power, quickness.

The beauty of golf and the finely tuned setting that it takes place are unlike any other. Stability, mobility, and power, all play a crucial role in swing mechanics and overall performance. Learn a movement routine that will consistently promote progression and have you prepared for round after round.

From the footwork to the power and endurance, the demands of soccer are very unique. Learn how to protect the feet, ankles, knees, and hips , while improving power, speed, agility, stability, mobility, and cardio. 


If you are interested in learning how you can prevent injury and maximize performance in the activities you love, contact us for a consultation!