Spark Sessions

The best motivation is action, so we have developed a short and simple strategy to help spark action in your life. Whether you are interested in preparing for a sport, multiple, or just looking for innovative ways to stay healthy without the use of tools, we have something for you. It takes 21 days to build a habit, so the  In 20 minutes, we teach you a few movements that are either specific to preventing injury and maximizing a sport or meant to strengthen a specific area of the body. When practiced daily, these movements will increase performance, decrease the chance of injury, and extend longevity.  

The Structure

Our sessions are specifically organized using three different variables: activity, demand,

and level of intensity. First, pick the activity that you are interested in (e.g., basketball)

and pick the demand, or aspect of the sport you are interested in (e.g., choose “basketball:

Jumping Power”). As for intensity, all participants must start at level one regardless of

fitness level (see reasoning below).

If you are not interested in preparing for a specific sport and are seeking to improve

overall health, look for topics such as “Posture Improvement,” “Lower Leg Strength,”

and “In-Home Cardio” under the “General Health” category.

Level 1 Movement

Foundational movement that should be completed before progressing into more intense movements, every time. These movements can certainly assist with progression of performance, but their main goal is to prevent injury. Beginning with these movements provides insurance against injury, similar to putting on our seat belt.

Level 2 Movement

These movements are of greater intensity. They take a bit more practice to understand and master, but more importantly, they require prerequisite movements to ensure safety and maximum performance.

Level 3 Movement

At this level, you can expect the movements to be challenging, high impact, and require comprehensive preparation to ensure safety. 

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