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By focusing on body-weight movements, we are able to learn creative solutions to meet the demands we ask of our body. Through these discoveries, a heightened awareness is built surrounding the bodies functionality, providing a solid foundation for maximizing the usage of resistance tools if you choose to do so. Our program requires a year-long commitment to not only show up every week, but to actively stay in pursuit of a greater understanding. We focus our intention on teaching concepts rather than coaching a workout each week. By doing so, we are able to reach our goal of teaching you how to fish, rather than simply handing you a fish each session. If learning how to take control of your physical preparation for the rest of your life is something that interests you, we have both a solo program or a semi-private program where you can learn alongside family and friends. Schedule your FREE Strategy Session today!

   Program Outline

      Laying the Foundation

      Joint Range of Motion

      Muscle Activation (Part 1)

      Muscle Activation  (Part 2)

      Muscle Activation  (Part 3)

      Prep for specific activities and sports

      Structuring a progressive plan

      Recovery (Part 1: Sleep, Water, Nutrition, etc.)

      Recovery (Part 2: Self-myofascial release)

      Recovery (Part 3: Stretching and Cold Therapy)


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