If you are interested in learning how you can prevent injury and maximize performance in the activities you love, contact us for a consultation!


How it works

We have an initial consultation, either through video chat or if you are local to Seattle and would prefer an in-person workshop, we can come to you. Our goal is to learn about your background and current goals, guide you through how to personally conduct a physical assessment of yourself, teach the foundational concepts that govern the body, build you a personalized program and ultimately teach you how to optimize your physical preparation. Whether you prefer a private 1 on 1 approach or would like to learn with your family/friends, we'll guide you to an elevated understanding of your body and help you secure your new habit in (7) 90 minute sessions, each separated by a week. You'll have infinite online access to photos, videos, movements, and articles that help explain the various concepts of the human body. We are always available if you need more sessions, but we aim to guide you to a level of understanding where you no longer need us after the 7th session. Below is the breakdown of each session and what we'll be covering.
1st Session : Introduction + mobility, stability, and strength assessment
2nd Session : Foundational concepts behind physical preparation
3rd Session : Learn the first half of your personalized routine
4th Session : Learn the second half of the personalized routine
5th Session : How to strategically plan for various goals
6th Session : How to combine movements to save time and improve coordination
7th Session : How to optimize cardio and recovery strategies