The Strategy

Using only our body and gravity, no weights or resistance tools, we teach the practice of deliberate movement. We offer both small group and private workshops, aiming to help you build a strong foundation through a daily habit of muscle activation. We teach how to safely progress, catering to everyone from the elite athlete to those simply interested in daily general health. We limit our workshops to five participants, giving us the ability to apply modifications for each individual's demands and fitness level. Our workshops are 6 weeks long, meeting Monday-Friday, with a total of 30 sessions. Each session is only 20 minutes long, making it very easy to fit into your morning routine. Whether you prefer to learn solo or with family and friends, this workshop is for you.



















 Virtual Workshops

All of our workshops are offered in the morning with the intention of helping you solidify your habit soon after you wake up. Click below to view available times.

* All times are listed in the pacific time zone

If you are interested in learning if this program is right for you, contact us for a free strategy session.